About Us

Providing safe, responsible, and sustainable recycling solutions for our customers and the environment


About Reserve Management Group

Reserve Management Group (RMG) is a family of distinct but related businesses engaged in ferrous and non-ferrous metals recycling,  and other related services.

While each business unit functions independently, RMG’s structure creates numerous synergies and cost reductions amongst our various divisions. These savings are passed onto our customers in the form of top quality service and competitive pricing across all industries in which RMG operates.

RMG At-A-Glance

  • Formed in 1991 with a specialization in processing difficult to handle steel mill byproducts
  • Currently operates 10 facilities in 5 states
    • Ohio
    • Illinois
    • New York
    • Wisconsin
    • Alabama
  • Encompasses 12 main operating entities in the following businesses:
    • Ferrous scrap handling and processing
    • Non-ferrous scrap handling and processing
    • Stevedoring, warehousing, and related marine material handling services
    • Foundry equipment purchasing and sales
  • Co-headquartered in Stow, Ohio (Cleveland area) and Chicago, Ill.

Focus on Safety and the Environment

Since its inception, RMG has maintained a firm commitment to the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, and the environment. RMG employs multiple personnel who are solely dedicated to the design, implementation, and direction of company practices and culture that emphasize the importance of human health and safety and environmental stewardship throughout the organization.

As evidence of this emphasis, RMG and its various business units maintain certification to various industry and operations standards that govern occupational health and safety, quality, and environmental management. In addition, through our own employees, outside service providers, and regular third-party audits, RMG stays engaged with and apprised of changes to all applicable laws, regulations, and standards to ensure constant compliance with the rules of each jurisdiction and industry in which we operate.